Surrounded by a spreading mist
I roll the window down
And let my fingers merge
With the mist
Sun shines through the fog
In the far distance
A perfect circle
Like you, perfect

Close my eyes and dream about future
The beautiful clouds lying there
White, yellow, orange and white
With circle within circle of pleasure

All waiting to be touched
All waiting to be discovered
All waiting to be merged to

Oh my beautiful love
Oh my white cloud of happiness
Oh my path to joy and enlightenment

Which mountain do I need to pass
To hold your hand
Which desert do I need to cross
To see your smile
Which song do I need to recite
To hear your voice

Have the flower in the corner
Fruits in a basket
Music plays a song of joy
Lights are dimmed
Candles are flickering
All waiting for you to appear
From the clouds

Me in wanting of
To talk with you
To touch you
To hold you
To taste you
To dance with you
To be one with you

Oh my beautiful love
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me

All I want from you
Is you to be happy
With no worry
With no fear
With love in your eyes

I only want your happiness
I only want your peace

I only want you to open the door
And come into my arms


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