Inch by inch

Soft and cold
Up and down
I can feel her bones
Covered with gray clothes

Move my hand up and up
Getting warmer with every inch
Getting tighter and round
I can sense the hearth beat

Move my hand up and up
Now I am at the end of valley
Near entrance to pleasure
I can touch the curtain

It is warmest spot
She is talking
Still wearing the same sunglasses
Remind me of the 9th floor

Touching the curtain
Remind me of ancient memory
What was it, I am in a field
Seating next to a bush
It is the surface of a cucumber

Now I am back in the reality
She has stopped crying
Holding my hand gently
Looking at me with love

Telling me that
She is not other woman
She want to be the one
I am so happy
She still loves me

Gymnopendie No. 2

Holding her hands
Slowly walking with her
Dancing to the edge of the bed

The Gymnopédie No.2
Is being played in background
with every beat
my hands discover
a new curve
to be touched

She is sitting there
Like an angel
Looking at me with open eyes

I sit next to her
Tasting the sweetness of honey
I touch her back
Valley of pleasures
Curve within curve
Soft and warm

We lay down
I start to absorb her beauty
Merge of brown creamy circles
And it is becoming harden gently
Like Hyacinth in early spring

I move my hand downward to her ankle
And start upward movement to her hip
While discovering the joy of her body
I move my hand from one side of her hip
To the other side, then down the other path

Slowly move it toward the mons Venus
Suddenly I discover the old triangle of love
Wonder if there is rosebud in there waiting
To be smelled and touched
like our first encounter in NY

I move my hand beneath the
Colorful curtains that cover the white valley
Like that time when we were traveling
In a busy highway
She let me touch the source pleasure
with a big smile

She turns arround
I take off the colorful cover
And get absorbed in the beauty
Of the two white dahlias
She remind of of a painting of Pincas
But much more beautiful

I can not resist the temptation
Of touching the mons Venus gently
And follow the curvature of happiness
up and down
down and up

Gymnopedie No. 1

Listening to Eric Satie
Gymnopédie No.1
Closing my eyes
Dreaming about her

She is standing in front of me
Looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes
I can reach and touch her shoulder

Soft and warm covered with silk
With the rythem of music
I move both hand
Up and down
On her hands
then slowly while looking at her eyes
Move my hands touching her body

covered in silk
Up and down
Both sides
Feeling the concave and convex curves
She is breathing faster

Move my hands to her necklace
Gently move it down to first button
Open one button at a time
Six of them

I move my hand to touch
The beautiful magnolia are in view
Half hidden in a black cover
They are firm and warm
I move silk cover away from the shoulders
And hold the beautiful body in my arms

And kiss the warm skin
I can taste the salt
I can smell an ancient perfume
I can sense her heart beating fast

While searching for perfect curve
In her back
Up and down
Down and up
getting lost in vally of pleasure

I rescue the Us from the firm Js
Softly move the black curtain away
To be mesmerized with the
Beautiful magnolias
White, creamy brown
Circle with in circle