In my troubled memory
Your face is being faded
Only those brown eyes
Shine like a little star

What we talked in front of
The dead tree in the park
Is getting merged and change
I try to remember them

Only I remember
You might let me come to
To the beautiful mountain
If I do what you want me to do

I hope the room has a F painting
I hope you would like the fruit
And the background music
This time not muted

This time I will take my time
Uncover the white magnolias one by one
Check the beautiful stem
Red surrounded by light brown then white

I let you calm down
I let you close your eyes
I let you to lay down
So peaceful that I could not touch

I will hold you until you
Say I love you
Then I move on
To discover the triangles of life

But it is all a dream
I have let you find friends
I have only a cloudy access to you
And you want to be free

Cloudy day

I wish that I could float
Float up from the ground
I will never know
What that’s like

I wish I could go back in time
Wake up every day
Over and over
To be with you

Funny how we all can change
If we just try to
Thought it was impossible
To live without you

One day you will be happy
Happier than the sky
And you will remember us
Sitting in front the pond

Magic will do what magic does
Living in your eyes
Do you think someday soon
You will have the time?

I could use another hand
To help pull me through
Someday these dark days

With help from