White and blue 

Wanting her more and more
Month by month
Day by day
Hours by hours
Breathe by breathe

To get to near her
Flying over clouds
White over white
Blue and white
And I am dreaming of
white and white
No blue or creamy brown

Flying over clouds
Getting nearer to her
Minute by minute
Will she see me the next Monday
Will she touch me the next Monday
Leonard says yes she will

Reading the old book
I can see seagulls on the wing
I can feel the white tiger
I can touch the valleys
I can see the stars

In my virtual world of past
She turns and turns
In my never ending loop
Saying the unfinished word

The Blue and White
Covered all the beauty
And is coming from Spain

She is so beautiful
She is so beautiful
She will be mine
She will be mine
Leonard says may be

Wanting her more and more
Month by month
Day by day
Hours by hours
Breathe by breathe
Leonard says oh yes

He says
Love her
Cherish her
Pray to her
Worship her
Inhale her
Then she might come

Needing her more and more
Month by month
Day by day
Hours by hours
Breathe by breathe
Leonard says may be


Thanks for sharing
About you and other

We are in the black and white world
Of our own
Independent of our love

I only want to know all about you
Not you and other

You are my love
You are my air
Let me inhale you softly
Let me hold you tight


Eleventh month of the year
Three days in heaven
Wave after wave
Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Remember I love you so much

Day and night
Night and day

On this small blue dot in the vast cosmos
You are my blue,
And my white

You are my love

I am yours

I am yours.
I am yours as the stars
belong to the sky
and I am yours as
the rivers belong
to the sea.

I am yours as the tears
belong to your eyes
and I am yours
as your lungs belong
to the pattern in which
you breath.

C. Poindexter


I love you so much
It is not describable
Any time I think about you
My body is filled with joy
My hand search for blue and white
In my virtual world

I love you so much
That what ever you say or do
Has no effect
I only see them as characters
Written by you
For me
Nothing else
If it is negative I see them with NOT in front
If it is positive
I get filled by joy

I love you so much
That every day that
I do not see you
I do not touch you
I do not talk with you
I feel at lost
I want to drop everything
And come and hold you
Very tight

Please love me
But do not do anything that create pain for you

I am here for you now
Last few years
And tomorrow
And future to come

I want to take risk
Because that might be the only way
To have you
To Be mine


My beautiful love
I came home early and slept
Now I wake up and see I made you worry

I love you more than my life
I will never ignore you
I can not

There are times that you feel sad for no reason if you are just doing nothing.

Being sad is the absent of happiness.

You feel sad when you are alone.
You can’t make yourself happy by your own.

You can’t seek happiness within yourself.

But remember I am here
I am far but thinking about you every second

My love
Be strong

Love You (revised again and again)

Sorry my love
Missed you not once
But twice
No that I have calm down
Work is engaged me so much
That I forget time
But not you

A long day
Went to work 11 to 4
Followed the diet
Missing you

Will lose 8 lbs in two weeks

Current weight. 94.5kg == 207 lbs
Body mass index now = 31.5

Number of weeks / 2 month == 8
Propose weight = 199 lbs
Body mass index = 30.3

K cal used per lbs. = 11
K cal needed = 11 * 207 == 2286
K call needed per week = 2286 * 7 =16,000
To lose lbs == 3500
So need to eat = 16,000 – 3500 = 12,500
K cal per day = 1780

Motivation — 1 lbs Loss — two beautiful smiles (f2f)

Dreaming of only white
and no cream or blue
Just white
And then the circles
And taste of honey
So nice and warm

Missing you
7 Nice nice nice nice nice nice nice

Thinking about missing
White and blue
White and cream
Blue and blue no white
Just a chair

Going down in pleasure

It is a3 hours drive and I know it well

waiting in a car
Watch her come by
So beautiful
So elegant
Full of smile
Full of joy

We drive around
Talk and talk
How joyful she is
How beautiful

Those beautiful brown eyes

Just missing her
But back in two weeks
Taste of honey
Dancing class on monday

If one can see his love
He should not Waite

Yahya Guru

It is a perfect day (revisited)


It’s is a perfect day
She says 3:30 not 2:30
a cold coffee waiting to be touched
a problem to be solved
a music to listened to

It is almost three o’clock
and I am thinking, alone
Another perfect day
We will talk, touch, taste or a prelude to dance

Then she walks in
beautiful as a magnolia in the early morning
but I am not sure she is here
my dreams are mixed up with reality

We drive
We talk and talk
or I talk and talk

She asks questions
She wants to know
Can she be free
Can she be loved

It’s a perfect day
I can touch the boundary of white and blue
I can feel the magnolias
She can hear my sense of joy

We walk and walk
She is so beautiful
There is no crow to fly to the clouds
There are only two black birds sitting

I hold her tight
She is so soft
I wish I could dance with her
I wish she was mine

Its is a perfect day
It is almost five o’clock
and she is gone

I am left here alone
yet another perfect day gone by
but I know that next day
when she will see the beautiful painting of her
she will stop and look

It’s is a perfect day
It is almost five o’clock
and it is long way to sunset
and it is an hour to go by

My Beautiful Love


We all die one day
We all become that mist floating around
We all become that droplet of water
Merging with first ray of the bright sun
As long as the sun shines
Afraid of falling down and losing our identity

We all will fall one day
We all join the rivers and clouds
We all be the part of the rainbow one day
We all are here on borrowed time
We are all here in search of love or to be loved

Life is short
Life is nothing but search for love
Life is nothing but realization that
She looked to your left eye
She looked to your right eye
In front of that beautiful calm lake
And smiled

Life is so hard
Life is so sad
Life is nothing when you know you were late by years
Old, lost in dreams and afraid of telling the truth
Knowing she so beautiful

What is love
Remembering her, In every breath you take

Wanting to touch,
The lines, curves and the valleys
So soft, so warm, so beautiful
In every moment

What is love
Wanting her to remember you, now and when you are gone
Wanting her to break the constraint walls around her
Wanting her to want you
Wanting her to tell you that, more
Wanting her to merge with you
Wanting to merge with her
Just feeling her heart beat
Just inhaling her smell of peaches

What is love
Sitting here far above the clouds
Looking at the lines, curves and valleys below
With rivers cris crossing, frozen and white
Knowing that one day I will be part of this beautiful landscape somewhere
Floating, merging and being part of a river
Floating Away from you, like now

Wanting to find you
Be part of the water near you
Be the mist that surround you, when you go for your walk
Be the cloud that protect you from the blazing sun

Wanting to lie down next to you
Without a word
Just have my hand on your body
To make sure your are not the dream

In such a short time we have
Let’s be the one that defines love
Pure love


For few minutes
All sounds disappeared
Only you sitting there
Talking about movies that I never saw
So happy
I felt that
We have crossed the mountain
It is only you and me
And a beautiful future

Just for few minutes
We were in the future
It was so nice