I wish I were your mirror
so that you always looked at me.

I wish I were your garment
so that you would always wear me.

I wish I were the water that washes your body.
so that I will surround you.

I wish I were the sun in the sky,
so that I could cover you.

And the band around your breasts,
and the beads around your neck
So that I can be with you.



I am dreaming
Not sure which one she will choose

i pick her
late in afternoon
we go to a resurant by the lake
talk and talk
then i drop her off
early in the evening

i pick her
early in afternoon
we drive to our place
at the lake
i will ask her
she says not now
i drive her back
in the evening

my color of love
the one i dream often
i pick her
we talk and talk
we drive to the spa north
we turn the fireplace on
we sat and talk
we eat and talk
we talk about love
i drop her off next day
after lunch


Apple is telling me to change my password
I can not
It does not know
That is the only thing in the word

Connect me to my lost love
I gave it to her to find me
Know where I am
And see me in the park while crying

I know she has forgotten it
It has been a long time
Was ages ago
And she was running in the rain to see me

Lost in my ages
Listing to mage jange
Knowing I have lost her

She will not come back
She does not need my password
She does not have an iPhone anymore
She has given the totoro to zaraf

Why did she leave me
Why I lost her
Why I am here
Why I want to see here

After she left me
I lost my balance
Could not walk straight
Will go to left instead of right

It took a month
To teach myself
How to walk

One month

One month
One month passed
Now I am older
I wake up and check WhatsApp
No new entry

Frozen to one month past
Like other times
I can not write
And ask for her hand
The web call it harassment

I still dream of yellow stickies
Cold wind
Warm hands
Beautiful eyes

Will she come back

Let me

Let me see you

Let me feel you

Let me taste and

Let me be one with you

Let me the gold

To mend you

Let me

Let you

Let me be me

Let you be you

Let me

Let you

Love you

As I do you


On a plane in a dream I saw you
You were beautiful
A girl in a dress I could imagine through
And the colors that surround you
Like neon on the avenue
The people all around you were dust in my eyes

And I wanted to believe you
That you do not want anymore
The truth that I could see through
But I never got between you and the ghost in your mind

Yeah, the ghost in your mind.
It’s there in your eyes
There in your voice
But you’re far away
You’re far away

It’s there in your eyes
There on your face
But you’re far away
Far away
On a day like today I remember
How beautiful you could be to me
And the colors that…

PS: can you be mine again?

Mine again

There’s a place I used to go
There’s a world I used to know
There was a light and it was you
Every word I say is true

I say –
every day I will wait –
till you?re mine again
I will die every day –
till you?re mine again

There?s no words to explain –
no beginning and no end
I will dream, I will pray –
you?ll be mine again

I can see you dressed in red
All the secret things you said
Lying barefoot in the grass
Now my heart is in your hands

Your hands –
every day I will wait –
till you?re mine again
I will die every day –
till you?re mine again

There?s no words to explain –
no beginning and no end
I will dream, I will pray –
you?ll be mine again

it’s just time that runs between us
It’s the ocean underneath us
It’s the picture that won’t fade away
every day I will wait –
you?ll be mine again
Brings me close to the day –
you?ll be mine again
There?s no words to explain –
no beginning and no end
I will dream, I will pray –
you?ll be mine again

from: mine again – black lab


You are the wall
Build from stones and cement
Not changeable

I am the frozen snow
Dreaming for the sun
To melt me
So I can surround you

For few minutes
Discovering all curves and valleys
Wanting to be frozen again
So I stay longer

Then evaporate
While looking at you
Dream of rain and snow
To be back with you


Waiting for her to come

Waiting for her to come
Minute by minute
Thinking about Pollack
Three poles or four

She is here
Sad and cold
What to know what I want
Sad and cold

Light after light
Toward the dead tree in the view
I listen and listen
The I ask if she would be mine

Oh those beautiful eyes
The tears are now disappearing
There is a hint of smile
Hands are cold and no response

I tell her about my fears
I tell her about my wants
I tell her about my desires
I tell her about my love for her

I am lost in beauty of the magnolias
I can imagine the softness
Knowing the shades of creamy brown
I move my hand on the valleys of softness

Curve after curve
The Js are attached to the Us
Waiting to be rescued
But not today

I put my hand on the curtain
The top layer is laced
Then there is harder curtain
Protecting my magnolias from touch

The eyes are full of joy
There is no tear
Just a hidden wants
Just a hidden pause

Now I am feeling the warmth
Round and round
The soft point of focus
Started to take shape

She says that she feels it all over
Sending a signal like an arrow
I start to taste of honey
So sweet so perfect

I wanted to know how to finish
My painting of four panels
Rosebud, just a line, crisscrossing lines
How do I know the forth

I now know the forth
She says no no with smile
I ask if she want it
She says yes but not today

One percent at a time
one percent at a time