A beautif day


Waiting in an empty parking lot
Wind moving the snow around
She is up there near the cloud
I am waiting

She comes
Does not know what to say

Like a cold marble
Soft and cold
But I know
Underneath there is an angel
Waiting to be discovered

I hold her hand
Soft and warm
I follow the lines and curves
She is hesitant
She is smiling

I gave her present
Rapped in printout of old program
She looks at it
I think she is pure as the pearl inside

I tell her about my dream
And how I see her
In black and white
And where my touch seems to stops

She smiles
I taste the honey
So soft and so warm
Wish I could hold her forever

I Know the moment is here
Full bloomed magnolias
White and soft
Wanting to hold

I desperately want to
Find my little triangle
But I am struggling with
The end of alphabet

We arrive to the destination
I ask the famous question
She only answer
I love you

She is gone now
It me and drifting snow
And memory of a dream
And half filled bottle