Waiting for her to come

Waiting for her to come
Minute by minute
Thinking about Pollack
Three poles or four

She is here
Sad and cold
What to know what I want
Sad and cold

Light after light
Toward the dead tree in the view
I listen and listen
The I ask if she would be mine

Oh those beautiful eyes
The tears are now disappearing
There is a hint of smile
Hands are cold and no response

I tell her about my fears
I tell her about my wants
I tell her about my desires
I tell her about my love for her

I am lost in beauty of the magnolias
I can imagine the softness
Knowing the shades of creamy brown
I move my hand on the valleys of softness

Curve after curve
The Js are attached to the Us
Waiting to be rescued
But not today

I put my hand on the curtain
The top layer is laced
Then there is harder curtain
Protecting my magnolias from touch

The eyes are full of joy
There is no tear
Just a hidden wants
Just a hidden pause

Now I am feeling the warmth
Round and round
The soft point of focus
Started to take shape

She says that she feels it all over
Sending a signal like an arrow
I start to taste of honey
So sweet so perfect

I wanted to know how to finish
My painting of four panels
Rosebud, just a line, crisscrossing lines
How do I know the forth

I now know the forth
She says no no with smile
I ask if she want it
She says yes but not today

One percent at a time
one percent at a time

Toronto City ..

Toronto City, I hold back my tears
I know that I should have been thrilled
I can’t smile, knowing all the while
Everything you did, you did for me

Toronto City, you ask me how I’ve been
I lied and I said that I’ve been fine
Words that trailed off, as is far as we got
I know that I should have told you the truth

Toronto City, I am back here again
I come here now and then
Always to come and see you
I know that will not see you again

Toronto City, thanks for your love
I will learn to be happy without dancing
I will learn to be happy not to see you
I will learn to not touch you

I know that you will not change
I know that you will not want to change
I know that like the girl in my dreams
you are gone for ever