Come to the orchard in Spring.
There is light and wine,
and sweethearts in the pomegranate flowers.

If you do not come,
these do not matter.
If you do come,
these do not matter.

I will come


Yet another day

No French fries
No huge Hamburg
No multiple drink
No whiskey to remember my dad
No Diet Coke


I talk to her
Because I love her so much
Because she is mine

100 hours

100 hours to go
Not sure if she wants me anymore
Not sure if she is in love with me anymore
Not sure if she is mad with me

I love her so much
I want her so much
I need her so much

So whenever I am not sure
I cry
I eat all bad things
I sleep
I dream of demons
They come to get me
I wake up soaking in sweet
Can’t go back to sleep
I can’t work
I can’t dream

I just close my eyes
And remember the dream days
In the past

Day Four

Four days to go
Dreaming about the lines

Lines after lines
Curve after curve

Hair so beautiful
Wave after wave

Eyes so bright
When are half closed
So beautiful

Lips warm
Remind me of taste of honey

Will she let me hold her tight
Will she let me kiss her long
Will she let me rescue J’s from U’s
Will she

Hours to happiness

Day Five

Five days to go
Thinking about her
Thinking what to say
What to do

Five days to go
It is like that two comets
At high speed
Will cross each other
For five days

Five days to go
On the sixth night
She is there
All for me

Five days to go
And the beautiful rose
Is waiting for me

Hey you
Out there in the cold
Did you hear me

Hey you
Out there in the house
Can you help me
To hold you tight
Will you kiss me hard

Day 6


My beautiful love
The one being out there too far
The one sitting on the left
In the old painting

Why do you want me to go through Pain
When I have told you
He said nothing new
He said all things you have told me
But the process was painful

For me
Not him



Went for a walk
Moon up in the horizon
In south
Sun going down in the West

One or two yellow butterfly
Chasing each other
The way I chase you

I know you are sick today
Can not remember which way
Your window is facing

So I hope we share the moon

I do not want to remember 11
Only 7 days to come
And only if you hold me tight
Very tight
I will talk about 1
And then more
I will talk about the other 1