Want you

Dreaming about you
Standing there alone
And I
Standing behind you

Wanting you
Wanting to touch you
Those beautiful lines
Those magical curve

In the background
Trees are turning brown
Leafs are shining like golden suns
Remind me of the perfect shades
That I seen before

I come closer to touch
Feel the heat of your body
Assuming that
Like that afternoon in the car
You will smile
And put my hand where I like most


Then I see you
Frighten like an angel in the statue
Want to escape from me
Not sure why
Not sure why

– –

I will not say bye

Every time that I get lectured
How bad I am from you

I get sick
Really sick

All I wanted in my life was a true companion
What I get is complain about how bad I am

Hope that I will die soon and not be a pain for you

I am not going to say good bye
Because you (not this version of you)
Is always in my mind
The one that
Runing in the rain towards me
With big smile
And not trying to get ride of me
Just wanted to be with me

– –

Wanted You


You are right
You are full of anger
You are mad with the world
I am happened to be on your way
I thought after the meditation
You will see why I am what I am

Bye bye you the beautiful
Will not hurt you any more

You told me
Only to tell the truth
You asked me if I love you

I said yes

You asked me what I want
And I said
All of you

With No boundaries
No limit
Because I love you

And you said ok
Now you say I only want you as a toy
You are not a toy

But sun shining like no other sun
Let me stand under your bright light
And feel live again

Please . .