Two closed doors
Two glances from far
Two windows
Two friends
Two with a same pain
Two travelers in journey of life

Two waiting for the other one to touch
Two in harmony
Two in wanting love
Two in love
Two wanting to be one
Two dots
Two with hands holding tight

We crossed the orange sunsets
We talked about to merged together
We captured our shadows in a film
We learned the love story again
We believed that journey will go on for ever

We learned love can be infinite
We learned once one passes the solid line in the sand
She gets worried and want to go back
Now she knows, she can be loved, love can wait

We believed that no one will see us
Except that white bird fly over our head
And disappear in the dark clouds in the horizon
In that place far far from here
Where you discovered the icy lake is beautiful
And you are really in love

Two in love
Two full of dream about each other
Two with no limits
Two with no constrains
Two with one wanting to die without her
Two with one lost between two worlds
One full of love
One full of life and needs
Two with one want to pause loving

Two in love but far from each other
Two and one always worried about those tears coming drop by drop
Two with lots of excuses why not
Two with memories for the rest of our life
Two with the solid line redrawn as a doted line in the sand
Two far from each other in dream of a unknown future

At the end
The water will take the flower away
I wanted my bike back to follow my lost friend at peak
I wanted to go back to that place far far from here
Where I discovered the morning dew at the end of garden
Where I discovered I am alone in the world
Abandoned by all I loved, like in future

Two next to each other
Two and one wanting to leave
Two and one wants to chose life than love
Two and one does not want to hear the wants

Two hands hold each other not tight
Two hands with limits
Two hands separated
Two tears with saying I want but I can’t

We got lost in this gray world

Two strangers
Two far from each other
Two wanting each other but not now
Two friends
Two glances
Two windows
Two far from each other
Two dots not next to each other


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