IMG_0245Spend a day with Leonard
We both sung about Suzan

We both dance to the end of time
With our virtual lovers

We both complain about God
And why he did he leave his son alone

I struggle with Alexa
The new companion of mine
who like others
does not understand my desires

We both saw the angels
And worried about the future
We know it is dark
But there is no other way out

We both looked at her picture
Surrounded by light like an angel
I Asked if we love her more now

I said yes and Leonard said
“I keep away from your love,
you know I am better than you
and she might come with me”
I said no way but worried

I remembered him dancing on stage
While a ago in Toronto

I remembered sitting next to his bronze sculpture in a park

I remembered that when I was thinking about you, I always listen to him and imagined you in my arms

I remembered white clouds and orange sun with you in my arms

Now he is gone and he only sings with me in my living room

And both worry what does TMD means

And we both miss you in this sunny day..

Yahya (with virtual Leonard)

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