Gymnopendie No. 2

Holding her hands
Slowly walking with her
Dancing to the edge of the bed

The Gymnopédie No.2
Is being played in background
with every beat
my hands discover
a new curve
to be touched

She is sitting there
Like an angel
Looking at me with open eyes

I sit next to her
Tasting the sweetness of honey
I touch her back
Valley of pleasures
Curve within curve
Soft and warm

We lay down
I start to absorb her beauty
Merge of brown creamy circles
And it is becoming harden gently
Like Hyacinth in early spring

I move my hand downward to her ankle
And start upward movement to her hip
While discovering the joy of her body
I move my hand from one side of her hip
To the other side, then down the other path

Slowly move it toward the mons Venus
Suddenly I discover the old triangle of love
Wonder if there is rosebud in there waiting
To be smelled and touched
like our first encounter in NY

I move my hand beneath the
Colorful curtains that cover the white valley
Like that time when we were traveling
In a busy highway
She let me touch the source pleasure
with a big smile

She turns arround
I take off the colorful cover
And get absorbed in the beauty
Of the two white dahlias
She remind of of a painting of Pincas
But much more beautiful

I can not resist the temptation
Of touching the mons Venus gently
And follow the curvature of happiness
up and down
down and up

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