Inch by inch

Soft and cold
Up and down
I can feel her bones
Covered with gray clothes

Move my hand up and up
Getting warmer with every inch
Getting tighter and round
I can sense the hearth beat

Move my hand up and up
Now I am at the end of valley
Near entrance to pleasure
I can touch the curtain

It is warmest spot
She is talking
Still wearing the same sunglasses
Remind me of the 9th floor

Touching the curtain
Remind me of ancient memory
What was it, I am in a field
Seating next to a bush
It is the surface of a cucumber

Now I am back in the reality
She has stopped crying
Holding my hand gently
Looking at me with love

Telling me that
She is not other woman
She want to be the one
I am so happy
She still loves me

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