Gymnopedie No. 1

Listening to Eric Satie
Gymnopédie No.1
Closing my eyes
Dreaming about her

She is standing in front of me
Looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes
I can reach and touch her shoulder

Soft and warm covered with silk
With the rythem of music
I move both hand
Up and down
On her hands
then slowly while looking at her eyes
Move my hands touching her body

covered in silk
Up and down
Both sides
Feeling the concave and convex curves
She is breathing faster

Move my hands to her necklace
Gently move it down to first button
Open one button at a time
Six of them

I move my hand to touch
The beautiful magnolia are in view
Half hidden in a black cover
They are firm and warm
I move silk cover away from the shoulders
And hold the beautiful body in my arms

And kiss the warm skin
I can taste the salt
I can smell an ancient perfume
I can sense her heart beating fast

While searching for perfect curve
In her back
Up and down
Down and up
getting lost in vally of pleasure

I rescue the Us from the firm Js
Softly move the black curtain away
To be mesmerized with the
Beautiful magnolias
White, creamy brown
Circle with in circle

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