Be One

A beautiful night
Lying down next to me
No need to wake up at three
Kissing her shoulder when she turns

Suddenly there is a loud sound
Not my gentle iPhone alarm
I slept in for hours
Run to get going
Run to get to the talk

Thinking about her all day
She is in all algorithms
She smiles at me when I close my eyes
I know she is waiting for me
In the right and right from elevator

I arrive at the two glass doors
I call her
Still full of sleep
Her sound is like voices from paradise

I wait for her
She is here
So beautiful
Ready to go and hear the poet
So elegant
So beautiful
I can not touch her because it might
Disturbed the beauty of the night

We walk and walk
She listen to my stories
My ups and downs
My never told stories of love
She hold my hand tight

We eat a little
We talk and talk
We are lost in sea of people
We are on our way to the show

We sit next to each other
Me on the right hand side
She is holding my hand
She is so happy and full of joy

The curtains opens
And we wonder why three names
And it is so beautiful
The music is like a stream
Wave after wave
She is full of joys
She laugh, smiles and squeezes my hand

We walk out
Hand in hand
Merge in each other glaze
Ignoring thousands around us

We gradually walk back
Pass The double glass door
Get in the old elevator
With a bucket of ice

I remember to light the candles
I remember to hold her long
I remember to kiss her thousand times

Now I need to rediscover the beauty of magnolias
I need to understand how
Black and dark blue color
when covering
marvel white can be so nice

I need to learn or be taught
How to open the lock to the joy
Just push together instead of pull
Then the golden lock will open
To discover the fully blossomed magnolias

She is like a flower floating on water
I surround her with all of my body
She is like wine in a container
Changes her curve to match the glass

She is full of wants
She is looking at me
I have lost my logical thinking
I am intoxicated by her beauty

I want to merge with her
I want to be one with her
Like a dew drop in early morning
She pull herself to become whole

Like the first ray of the sun
Reflected in a little droplet
I merge with her and
I could see the rainbow
In my mind

She did not say yes three times
But she hold me so firmly
And I could see love in her eyes

Like the two Cellos playing the adagio
I follow her move
Moved after move
Up and down
Down and up
Left and right
Right and left

I feel that I am flying
Way up in the sky
Swimming in the soft cloud
Feeling every part of her body

Oh my beautiful angel
It is so wonderful to be one with you
I dreamed about this moment
But never realized how nice it can be

Lost count of time
Lost in joy of life
Like Sisyphus I could die now
Life can not be better than this

The universe stop rotating
I can feel my sweet is coming down my neck
And I could feel that I am being one with her

I look at her eyes
Full of joy
Full of of being loved
I hold her firm
Might never let her go


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