Beautiful Day With You


It’s is a perfect day

a cold coffee waiting to be touched

lots of fruits on the table

candles are still in the box waiting

a music is being played softly



It is almost seven o’clock

and I am thinking, alone

yet another perfect day gone by

with talk, touch and dance

with desired to become one


Then she walks in

beautiful as a magnolia in the early morning

but I am not sure she is here

she is too beautiful for me

my dreams are mixed up with reality


We walk to the streets

we talk and talk

or I talk and talk

we explore all blocks 

It is a perfect day

It is almost eight o’clock

and she is so happy


We go to the park she once visited

Chairs and chairs around

Grass is waiting to change by ice

I want so much to take her home

She so happy walking and talking


She is repeating her dram

She is full of joy

Her eyes tinkles with happiness


I am not sure where we are

I got lost so many times in the morning

In a simple grid based city

Because I was thinking about her


Finally, she says let’s go home

We arrived at the glass doors

The same old elevator

Going up toward happiness

The room is still white

The air conditioner still making noise

The music is so low


I hold her tight

I discover the white magnolias

I discover the beauty of merging colors

Dark brown to soft brown to white

I am lost in taste of honey and its warmth


She is so beautiful

She so soft

She is so perfect


Now I can touch the lily of joy

I can sense the flow of water

I can move my touch






She is whispering Ya

Not my name

She moves like wave

In a calm lake

Up and down


Asking for more

Looking at me with such intense look

Tasting me such that I never being tasted before

Holding me tight

Like claiming a steep hill


Then she calms down

Her eyes are full of tranquility

I ask if she is OK

She says yes

She asks what I want

I tell her I want to walk with her

In the valley of love

I want to touch all parts of her body

Be Connected to her


We are like a leaf in water

Dancing and merging together

She is so soft

She is so warm

I am ascending to clouds

Still Dancing not being one


She turns

Look at me

Holds me so tight

I am in the sky

I can hear a distance water fall

She try to guide me toward the water fall

I am flying in the clouds


Shall I be one with her

Shall I be one with her

But she did not say Yes three times

Times stops, I am exploding with joy


I am over the water fall

Floating in the air so softly

I can see the lake below

But it seems that I cannot reach it

She holds me tight

She says that was very quick

And I thought it was hours and hours


After a while

I ask her, do you still want a ride

With smile as beautiful as possible

She says, I do not know why

But I want more.


= =                                                           











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