I am awake
Looking at her
So peacefully sleeping
So beautiful

I can spend all day
Look at her shoulders
Touch her beautiful gown
With all intriguing patterns

She opens her eyes
So full of peace and joys
Only one candle is left on
It flickers in her eyes

She knows what I want
She is the golden part of yin
And I am the yang to complete her
She moves above the cloud
Joining me so effortlessly

The joy is incredible
All of my being want to be one with her
She is all encompassing
I taste the warm honey
It is incredible

I know that swimming toward the water fall
Will end in flying in the air
Full of joy
But my body is not under my control
I reach the waterfall
I look at her beautiful eyes
Full of wants
And dive into the air

When I want to write about it
My pen breaks
And my iPhone reboots
They cannot express my feeling

I lay down next to her
Out of breath
Full of joy

She stands up
Walks toward the table of fruits
Oh she is so perfect
Like goddess of beauty is awaken in my room
She is so at ease
Knowing that how beautiful she is

She is gone
To dress up for the walk
I am left alone
Not sure that she was here
Only her pure smell of freshness
Is covered the four pillows

She is back
All dress up in a soft pink
Her top is a math puzzle
She is like out of a fashion book
And I know the shades of brown are hidden under that gourmet

We walk through the double glass doors
Walk in a restaurant with wooden table



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