Wanted You


You are right
You are full of anger
You are mad with the world
I am happened to be on your way
I thought after the meditation
You will see why I am what I am

Bye bye you the beautiful
Will not hurt you any more

You told me
Only to tell the truth
You asked me if I love you

I said yes

You asked me what I want
And I said
All of you

With No boundaries
No limit
Because I love you

And you said ok
Now you say I only want you as a toy
You are not a toy

But sun shining like no other sun
Let me stand under your bright light
And feel live again

Please . .

2 thoughts on “Wanted You

  1. These are the facts:
    1- you have neglected me for over a year, spending all your energy on matters that are much more important for you (Such as cleaning up the Texas property and packing and moving your 30 years old furniture for how many times?…)
    2- you’ve made it clear that if anything happens, my protection would not be your priority.
    3- you’ve planned your life such that you can not even find 10 minuets in week to call me and talk to me
    4- your schedule is so packed that you don’t 10 minutes time per day or energy to write to me, share your thoughts and feelings, or hear about mine.
    5- you admitted yourself (during our last visit) that you’ve done nothing to protect me or make me feel such. And you promised to keep things at the friends level until you prove (with your actions) that you are more than that
    6- A little while after (without actually doing anything to show any change in your behaviour) you’ll ask for a guarantee about our future level 6-7, based on which you can plan for your life. You even didn’t care to call me once before asking for such guarantee!
    7- when I said no intimacy, your verdict was to completely cut the relationship (which means nothing other than physical intimacy have any value for you) and you said I can just send you email and emails would be read by Mrs 13.

    1- you only want me for physical intimacy, nothing else
    2- you are only looking for a way to recharge your batteries to be able to better serve the Mrs 13 clan
    3- you are not a bad person, but you are not good for me
    4- do not fool yourself, you don’t love me…


  2. This switch from “wanting” to “wanted” in a few hours was a nice one 🙂
    The first few times that I saw such reactions from you, it was painful. But I’m used to it now.
    Deep down you know all I said was actual facts. Isn’t it?
    You know, I’m not angry with world and I’m certainly not mad with you.

    You may not believe it, but I’ve managed to improve so many things in my life, and have found things to be excited about.

    I just wanted to persuade you to be better with others in future. I just wanted you stop blaming others when things go south, and accept some ownership.

    But that was a mistake. You are who you are. You prefer staying in your daydream world. I wish you happiness in any world you choose.

    This would be my last attempt to communicate with you. Bye


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