I will not say bye

Every time that I get lectured
How bad I am from you

I get sick
Really sick

All I wanted in my life was a true companion
What I get is complain about how bad I am

Hope that I will die soon and not be a pain for you

I am not going to say good bye
Because you (not this version of you)
Is always in my mind
The one that
Runing in the rain towards me
With big smile
And not trying to get ride of me
Just wanted to be with me

– –

One thought on “I will not say bye

  1. Do not worry and do not torture yourself.
    You’ve not caused me agony and pain for a while now, because I look at things very differently.
    I know your intentions are good, then whatever you do won’t cause me pain.
    All I’ve said was because I wanted you to have happiness in your life and future relationships if you want to have any.
    I even didn’t want to cut our friendship, I liked to stay in touch. But I can not have the type of intimacy that you want, because that requires a lot more dedication and actions that you were willing to do.
    But you decided to cut it all, if I don’t give you the ultimate.
    I still can and like to stay your friend and stay in touch if you don’t ask for more.
    My intention was not to lecture how bad you are, it was just a response to your post, explains that You were the one who cut the relationship, not me.
    When you start talking about 11, you have to be ready to hear about 13 🙂


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