Black and gold
Two parallel lines
Never crossing each other
Going to infinity without touching

Like us
Up and down
Here and far away
Only sharing the same moon

I dream about you
Sitting next to me
I put my hand on your back
Bring it down slowly, gently

I feel like a sparrow
Flying in a valley
I can hear your breath
I can feel curve of the valley

I look at your eyes
So perfect, so beautiful
With three shade of colors
And a black line to focus

Now I move my hand
Over your arms
Going up on both sides
Until reaching the soft shoulders

Like the songs of Solomon
I like to climb the tree of life
Lay hold of its fruits
Smell the ascent of apples
Taste the wine with taste of honey

Should I
Will you let me
To be next to you
And taste the fruit of paradise
just send me a .. to say yes
then i fly towards you

7:7-13 songs of Solomon

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