In my troubled memory
Your face is being faded
Only those brown eyes
Shine like a little star

What we talked in front of
The dead tree in the park
Is getting merged and change
I try to remember them

Only I remember
You might let me come to
To the beautiful mountain
If I do what you want me to do

I hope the room has a F painting
I hope you would like the fruit
And the background music
This time not muted

This time I will take my time
Uncover the white magnolias one by one
Check the beautiful stem
Red surrounded by light brown then white

I let you calm down
I let you close your eyes
I let you to lay down
So peaceful that I could not touch

I will hold you until you
Say I love you
Then I move on
To discover the triangles of life

But it is all a dream
I have let you find friends
I have only a cloudy access to you
And you want to be free

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