I can’t take it anymore
I want to be by your side
Stay with me
Don’t let me go my love
I want to wake up with you
Like in the room with the moon
Through the white blinds
Where we could hear the waves

I want to wake up and be your breakfast
What I am going to do to you,
no one else will
I want to get drunk with you
Like that little wine you had

I want To talk to you alone
I want to be with you alone

Underneath your clothes you have a mystery

I don’t care about silver
I don’t care about gold
I only want to see my three stars shining
I want to unzip all the zips

I want to merge with you
Your body, my love is a treasure to me
Kiss my lips and let’s get crazy

I’ll fill you with desire
I will take off your clothes
One by one
Watch you unitil
I memorized all lines and curves

I know this is an only dream
We have past the point of no return
I will keep dreaming

Painting by Elizabeth Chapman
Poem based on Faarko Fantezy
Translated and modified by Yahya

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