Tick tak tock



Tick tack tick tack

I was thinking
About east and west
Where we meet away from crowds
Within the crowds

We discovered Joy to the nth degree
Falling in love over and over
Listening to waves
Walking in the cold raining streets

Listening to each other
Not asking questions
Knowing the journey has just began
Touching each other
Tasting each other

Ya ya ya ya

I discover color
I watch the little rose blossomed
I hear the cry of joy
Saying ya oh ya
I saw your body fly in the air
I merged with you in the cloud

We gone through dark moments
Laying down in front of thousand windows
Alone together
In the darkness of the night
Driving toward east
with eyes full of tears

We have gone through bliss
When you Asked me to ascend to the seventh sky
Trying to help me
To understand the fulfillment of joy
With your eyes half closed

Ya ya ya ya

We have walked half drunk
Chasing to find the black toy yomy
To accompany you in lonely nights
We have walked in an old forest
Listen to the distant birds

We have discover ultimate joy
In a parked car
Surround by trees
When you realized I can reach
The hidden spots without any hesitation

Ya ya ya ya

We encountered difficult times
When you asked me “do not force”
Or I said “I do not know”
But like two butterflies searching
For the taste of honey
We traveled back together
Over and over

When you ask me about falling in love
You know, I am an old man
Seen the world with back and white glasses
Felt lonely and lost
Until I found you
Beautiful and charming
Full of color of joy

You always
Asking questions
Wanting to know
Persuading the change to come
Making sure that Prime colors rules

Here I am sitting
Thinking about you
With you
Standing there at the corner
Fixing the music
Giving me the gift of love
So beautiful
So perfect

Just thinking to rewind the time
Go back to the room with you
Watch you walk
Watch you sleep
Watch you smile
With moon climbing
Each wooden curtain
One by one

Or rewind time to future
Drive to that glass tower
Take you from that cold parking
Without getting lost

Take you to an empty room
To fill it with your smell and color
And merge with you
For hours and hours
With knowing how times fly

You know you are beautiful
You know I just want to watch you
And I do not listen to what you say
Just want to be near you
With you in my arms

As angus says
Can I be with you
Can I take you home
Can I keep your love forever

Can I take you home
We can go as far as we go
Sit up there and watch stars
Specially the southern cross
In your beautiful eyes

You know
Now listening to crazy bear
And see you dancing
Your hair moves left and right
Your hand paints the air with color
And I want you more











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