Dancing with you in Vianna

Reading this poem on the train, drowned in a sweet sour mix of tear and smile..

Reading this line by line along with Lorca’s poem and our days together..

One may call it lust,
but us really wasn’t about lust,
it was about two exhausted souls finding peace together..

My train is passing the lake,
a silver line smiling in the distance,
I close my eyes and feel a breeze,
it should be the doves flying toward the hallway with thousands of windows,
and I see the reflection of our souls swirling on the mirrors,
and I smile,
and I taste the hidden tears behind the eyelids,
and I swim in your arms..

And there is this loud sound,
my train got to the station.

Stopping train tears me apart from my dreams,
back to reality,
back to work,
another day.
Only dreaming of Vianna


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