Yet another weekend

On my way to Houston
Which is nearer to CA
So comes the dreams

The sea is so calm
Not a single cloud
The NEST is working like a charm
After changing it with new one
The old one like me could not
Hold the charge

Get ready to leave
To more distance from you
Life is short
We need to ban Friday fights
Only on Tuesday you can get angry
So we can we argue for two days

Love you
Love me
You beautiful one

Every month
On a Friday afternoon
You find a reason
You get upset
When you know I have no access
To call you

I thought
Loving someone
You understand him
You worry for him
You want to keep him happy
When we are so far apart

Ask yourself
Why you do this
Every month

I know you are in pain
I am only one you can get upset with
Without consequences

But is it right


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