You’re out there,
Perhaps walking at the beach,
Watching the gulf,
It’s warm,
and humid,
and foggy

You can taste salt on your lips,
Your shirt is damp
and sticking to your chest,
Your hairs are moist
like when I had you in my arms,

you’re smiling.
As you see me
lying down on the on the waves, holding water in my arms,
like that night in hotel
lying down on the bed,
holding the pillow,
and looking to you..

I’m far, and I’m close.
You know well that you can just watch me,
but can not reach me.

There is no sun in the sky,
it’s been covered by the curtains of clouds,
layer after layer.

But it’s warmth can reach you,
and the trace of it’s kisses
on your body shows up
as drops of sweat,
around your neck,
your chest,
your lips..


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