It is a perfect day (revisited)


It’s is a perfect day
She says 3:30 not 2:30
a cold coffee waiting to be touched
a problem to be solved
a music to listened to

It is almost three o’clock
and I am thinking, alone
Another perfect day
We will talk, touch, taste or a prelude to dance

Then she walks in
beautiful as a magnolia in the early morning
but I am not sure she is here
my dreams are mixed up with reality

We drive
We talk and talk
or I talk and talk

She asks questions
She wants to know
Can she be free
Can she be loved

It’s a perfect day
I can touch the boundary of white and blue
I can feel the magnolias
She can hear my sense of joy

We walk and walk
She is so beautiful
There is no crow to fly to the clouds
There are only two black birds sitting

I hold her tight
She is so soft
I wish I could dance with her
I wish she was mine

Its is a perfect day
It is almost five o’clock
and she is gone

I am left here alone
yet another perfect day gone by
but I know that next day
when she will see the beautiful painting of her
she will stop and look

It’s is a perfect day
It is almost five o’clock
and it is long way to sunset
and it is an hour to go by

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