It is like a dream
She walked in today
She said just for a short time
I forget all words that I memorized to say
I get mesmerized by her beauty

She looked like an angle
Just like out of an art book
Just beautiful
And happier than my picture of her

Her hair looked so beautiful
Wave after wave
So soft
So fresh
I could touch them
But was afraid of her look

When I looked at her eyes
They were full of joy
They were full of questions
They were happy

And so soft is her face
It feel like you are moving your hand against a white cloud
and those beautiful eyes

I know she is hesitant
She wants to know what I am thinking
She wants to know what I want
Am I like all the other men in her life

We talk and talk
I repeat the path the she once liked
And changed the path forward
Oh the taste of honey is so sweet
She is so beautiful

We go for a walk
Site under trees
Watching Humbird fly by
She want to touch all flowers
I want to touch her

We are back sitting together
I start touching the white before the blue
I can sense she does not know
Where I want to go
But smiles with wide eyes

It is so soft
It is so warm
It so far
Not easy to reach

She is smiling
She is so beautiful
Her eyes twinkled with joy
Lines after line
Curve after curve
I am searching for the rose

So soft is the gate to paradise
Beating fast with her heart
Hot and full of circles with in circles
Pulsing with life
So wanting and moving like a wave

She does not talk
Not sure when to stop
It is so nice
Can not describe the pleasure

We stop
She wants to leave
It is so hard to let her go

I think about time
Few more minutes
I should let her go
She looked at the car clock
It is so hard to let her go

She is gone
I can see her in distance
Standing tall
Looking back with a smile

I can still smell her
The smell of peaches
The smell of freshness
The smell of life

She is just beautiful
I can see her with my eyes close
I can love her for ever



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