Night and Day


We walk into the crowded street
All shops are closed
People are in rush to go home
Streets are black after the rain

She is so perfect
I feel I am walking with a princess
She is holding my elbow
I can sense her body heat

We go down stairs
Sat in a table far from each other
In time she seems to be closer to me
She likes the bread and butter
She sips her rose wine slowly
She laughs discovering dressed up lemon

I just watch her
I just admire her
I think the fresh bread smells like her
But I do not tell her

We talk and talk
She talks about her dreams
Intentionally I am not there
She talks about her hopes

She share a bread pudding with me
She is full of joy
Her eyes smiles
She is floating in the air

We walk outside
Merge with grids of numbers
Walk and walk
Talk and talk

She want me to go with her
Right and right
It is a bigger room
She turns the music on

She is in perfect control
She know what she wants
I am lost in watching her
She is so perfect
She is So beautiful
She is so at ease with me
Like we know each other for thousand of years

She knows what I like to hear
Can not believe that I am there
She comes to my arms
Like an angel without wings

Like that lord in the tower long time ago
I know I can not let go of my one night bride
I know they will come after me
But I can not let my dream fly away

I can not tell her now
She will cry and remind me of her vow

I only can open the door to paradise
I only can find circle within circle
I only can make sure she is flying
I only can hold her and taste
I only can be one with her

She is dancing in the air
She is in total harmony with me
She is perfect in all aspects
She is in control of our pleasure

We calm down
Like two swan landing on water
after a long flight

She turn around
She holds me tight
We talk and talk
We dance and become one again
And again

She falls sleep
She is so beautiful
I can not sleep knowing this is the last night

My phone start to sing
The alarm that was set for Saturday
I am worried that it might wake her up
She is sound sleep in my arms
The phone stops after a long time

I move my hand over the beautiful magnolias
Realizing in the dark room that
There is nothing between us
I can sense her heat
And movement of air trough her

She smells so fresh
How can I leave her in pain
How can I not protect her against the fifth prime number
Knowing one is not prime

She wakes up
Ready to be kissed
Ready to fly with me
Ready to be part of my life

We part to join again
Leave the beautiful two rooms
Sit to a have a breakfast
Not Irish but semi French restaurant

I walk with her to a place I found
I want her to have the most beautiful shades
Without crack or being cheap
To match her beautiful flowery dress

She wear it with a smile
Kiss me on the check
And merge with the crowd
I can only see her one block away
She is gone now

I am left with my memories
My iPhone notes
And desire to capture
Not to lose a second

Oh my beautiful angel
Please remember my name

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