Two Glass Doors

Two glass doors
Two steps down
An old golden elevator
Nine or ten floors
Based on left or right

Elevator stops
Left and left
I need to send her
two and eleven and fourth one
Little white room
With big decorated F on the wall

Sitting there alone
Looking at the image of the iron bird in sky
Going up
Going down
Going up
Going down

Checking the line of communication
Room is five by five
Fruits are on the table
No text
No text
No text

The pin hole on the door
Shows an endless corridor
Room after room
Room after room
The text came with magical words
Three thousand hearts beat more

The room is four by four
Music is loud
Music is soft
Candles waiting in the box
Presents wrapper in the shelf

The room is three by three
The pin hole on the door
No one there
No one there
There she is like an angel
White and beautiful
Eyes full of joy

She is in my arms
So soft
So happy
So beautiful
So fragile
smell like fresh peaches

Sit with her on the bed
The taste of honey
The white pattern under my hand
I can sense the flower
She want to talk
I want to dance
She is so beautiful
She is so warm


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