I don’t know


I don’t know
What it is about you
That makes me loving you so much

Is it your beautiful eyes
That shine like two diamonds
In a warm orange sunset

Is it your soft hands
That I have cross mountains
To hold them tight

Is it that softness of the curve
That I have touched once
And I know it is the way to pleasure
Hidden from the view

Is it your lips
Red like a red rose just blossomed
Warm and full of passion
Tasty like a freshly picked honey

Or it is you
Full of passion
Full of love
Full of wants to express yourself
Full of pains of the past
Full of joy of now and future

I am sure
I think it is you
That I want to love

It is you
That I want to merge with
And ascend to the seventh stage of love

Oh my beautiful love
Be mine
Merge with me
Forget this world of ignorance
And join me in our paradise

– –

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