I Love You for a Long Time

IMG_0209.PNGI loved you for a long, long time
I know this love is real,
and not a lonley integer.
But however I count it,
it is an integer not a real.

I’m longing for you
I can’t pretend I’m not.

I need to see you,
smell you,
inhale you.

I need to be near you,
And sometimes
when the moon is aligned with mars
I need to touch you.

I need to be near you
and be in your thought.

I want to be around you in the virtual world,
when time and distance merges
And you know that I’ll never get enough.

When I think about you
I see you every where
I see you in the TV, acting in all movies.
I see you on the bus advertisment, selling me happiness.
I see you lying down with me in the garden watching the sky.
I see you waking up, taking a shower, a very long one.
I see your hand writing, not a love letter to me.
I see your hair, pefect moving in the wind like magic.

And I call you,
I call to you,
waiting for you to pickup
But I don’t get an answer or reply.

I sit in the porch and look at the clouds
yellow and orange and dark.

I walk into an empty building
I had no place else to go.

Some one is calling me
The sound is as familar as the air is with a falling leaf.

I see you sitting there
with a beautiful smile
I tell you I love you more than anything else that I know of.

You lean toward me and with the sweetest voice I ever heard,
Whispered to me,
I love you too
Then I wakeup
Still in the porch
Alone, longing to have you.


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