My Angel

My Angel
my dear angel
you must be tired
you must want peace
be alone for few minutes
be able to relax
with no demands
with no wants

so much to do
so little to gain

my dear angel
with your beautiful eyes
with your shy smile
with your soft touch
with your silence and those tears in your eyes

my dear angel
you came to my life
when i thought
there is no color only black and white
all skies were gray
covered by dark clouds

with your white wings
flying in my life
not staying too long
you turned the gray clouds to orange
you made me to enjoy the sun rise again
you let me to look forward for Tomorrow
regardless if the had prelude of dance or just memory of dancing

you brought the bright light to my life
you made me smile
you tough me to be content
you touched my sole
to forget my painful past and dream about future

you thought me that
i can fall in love again
i can be in love
full of dreams

all i want from you
is to be happy
with no worry
with no fear
i only want your happiness
i only want your peace
i only want you to open any door without fear
i only want you to be happy

finishing your book
think about our dreams
covering yourself in white clouds
not worrying about the lonely birds

remember the shore, sand and the sun sets to come

oh my beautiful angel
remember my name

.. more than possible
Yahya ..


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