Day 6


My beautiful love
The one being out there too far
The one sitting on the left
In the old painting

Why do you want me to go through Pain
When I have told you
He said nothing new
He said all things you have told me
But the process was painful

For me
Not him



Went for a walk
Moon up in the horizon
In south
Sun going down in the West

One or two yellow butterfly
Chasing each other
The way I chase you

I know you are sick today
Can not remember which way
Your window is facing

So I hope we share the moon

I do not want to remember 11
Only 7 days to come
And only if you hold me tight
Very tight
I will talk about 1
And then more
I will talk about the other 1

Yet another day

Not sure

I am not sure

I can not see myself abounding them
I am too much involved
I know I want you
I know I love you
I can not see myself leaving them
Does it make sense
I want to tell you the truth
Let you in a path you do not want

But I want to see you
I want to be with you
Whenever I can

After the talk
I felt very bad
It is like being hit by something
And asked myself
Am I the cause
Am I telling you the truth

I am not sure
I love you so much
That it can stop me to tell you
It is like walking to a vacuum chamber
Knowing you want oxygen
You are my air

But I want to know

If I can not commit to be with you for rest of my life

Will you feel the same about me

And want me they way you want me now

And come to our five days of dream

Or I have mislead you but not talking about it
— –

Remember no critical conversation with text

All is ok
I just feel bad talking and
Being on both side of a mirror

When we talk
I have to get you agree with two things
A- you will stay my love and friend
B- after reading about my feeling you can cancel dream trip (5 Days) and not get stranded (so I do not put you in danger)

If you agree
Then I will share what I feel

We go forward as planned


I am ok

What a bad day
Talking with the 11
Feeling so bad
Should not have done it

I want to talk with you
Either tomorrow or next week
Thinking that I am the cause
Feeling so bad

Worried for you
That I am leading you
To nowhere
But not telling you
Feeling so bad
Loving you so much

Yet another day without you
You staying home
So far away
So far away

But only seven days to go
Only seven


Sweet dreams my love
Sleep like an angel
and think of me always
Love to be with you
but we are so far apart
Can only see your iPhone icon
Miles and miles away

Sweet dreams my darling
Sleep deep and forget the world
and let me come in to your dreams
Want to be in your arms
but I am far away from you

Sweet dreams my angel
Sleep well while night hugs you
and keep your heart open for me
Want to say how much I love you
but my loneliness makes me sad

Modified a poem by Ravi Sathasivam

Hey you

Hey you
Sleeping up there in the night
Thinking and rolling
Wish I was there to hold you
Take you to the seventh sky
So many times
That you fall sleep
In my arms

Hey you
Siting out there
Away from work
Away from people

Think about love
Think about being loved
Think about the painting you will do
Full of colors
Full of love
Full of you

Love you

Yet Another Day

What is this

// ////// // // //////
// // // // // //
// // // // // //// U
////// ///// // //
////// //// // /////

See below

Yet another day without you
But reading your words
Is like to have you next to me
My beautiful love

I can dream
About touching
One by one
My five curves
And taste the honey

– –