Mine again

There’s a place I used to go
There’s a world I used to know
There was a light and it was you
Every word I say is true

I say –
every day I will wait –
till you?re mine again
I will die every day –
till you?re mine again

There?s no words to explain –
no beginning and no end
I will dream, I will pray –
you?ll be mine again

I can see you dressed in red
All the secret things you said
Lying barefoot in the grass
Now my heart is in your hands

Your hands –
every day I will wait –
till you?re mine again
I will die every day –
till you?re mine again

There?s no words to explain –
no beginning and no end
I will dream, I will pray –
you?ll be mine again

it’s just time that runs between us
It’s the ocean underneath us
It’s the picture that won’t fade away
every day I will wait –
you?ll be mine again
Brings me close to the day –
you?ll be mine again
There?s no words to explain –
no beginning and no end
I will dream, I will pray –
you?ll be mine again

from: mine again – black lab


You are the wall
Build from stones and cement
Not changeable

I am the frozen snow
Dreaming for the sun
To melt me
So I can surround you

For few minutes
Discovering all curves and valleys
Wanting to be frozen again
So I stay longer

Then evaporate
While looking at you
Dream of rain and snow
To be back with you


Waiting for her to come

Waiting for her to come
Minute by minute
Thinking about Pollack
Three poles or four

She is here
Sad and cold
What to know what I want
Sad and cold

Light after light
Toward the dead tree in the view
I listen and listen
The I ask if she would be mine

Oh those beautiful eyes
The tears are now disappearing
There is a hint of smile
Hands are cold and no response

I tell her about my fears
I tell her about my wants
I tell her about my desires
I tell her about my love for her

I am lost in beauty of the magnolias
I can imagine the softness
Knowing the shades of creamy brown
I move my hand on the valleys of softness

Curve after curve
The Js are attached to the Us
Waiting to be rescued
But not today

I put my hand on the curtain
The top layer is laced
Then there is harder curtain
Protecting my magnolias from touch

The eyes are full of joy
There is no tear
Just a hidden wants
Just a hidden pause

Now I am feeling the warmth
Round and round
The soft point of focus
Started to take shape

She says that she feels it all over
Sending a signal like an arrow
I start to taste of honey
So sweet so perfect

I wanted to know how to finish
My painting of four panels
Rosebud, just a line, crisscrossing lines
How do I know the forth

I now know the forth
She says no no with smile
I ask if she want it
She says yes but not today

One percent at a time
one percent at a time

Toronto City ..

Toronto City, I hold back my tears
I know that I should have been thrilled
I can’t smile, knowing all the while
Everything you did, you did for me

Toronto City, you ask me how I’ve been
I lied and I said that I’ve been fine
Words that trailed off, as is far as we got
I know that I should have told you the truth

Toronto City, I am back here again
I come here now and then
Always to come and see you
I know that will not see you again

Toronto City, thanks for your love
I will learn to be happy without dancing
I will learn to be happy not to see you
I will learn to not touch you

I know that you will not change
I know that you will not want to change
I know that like the girl in my dreams
you are gone for ever




In my troubled memory
Your face is being faded
Only those brown eyes
Shine like a little star

What we talked in front of
The dead tree in the park
Is getting merged and change
I try to remember them

Only I remember
You might let me come to
To the beautiful mountain
If I do what you want me to do

I hope the room has a F painting
I hope you would like the fruit
And the background music
This time not muted

This time I will take my time
Uncover the white magnolias one by one
Check the beautiful stem
Red surrounded by light brown then white

I let you calm down
I let you close your eyes
I let you to lay down
So peaceful that I could not touch

I will hold you until you
Say I love you
Then I move on
To discover the triangles of life

But it is all a dream
I have let you find friends
I have only a cloudy access to you
And you want to be free

Cloudy day

I wish that I could float
Float up from the ground
I will never know
What that’s like

I wish I could go back in time
Wake up every day
Over and over
To be with you

Funny how we all can change
If we just try to
Thought it was impossible
To live without you

One day you will be happy
Happier than the sky
And you will remember us
Sitting in front the pond

Magic will do what magic does
Living in your eyes
Do you think someday soon
You will have the time?

I could use another hand
To help pull me through
Someday these dark days

With help from


My hands are cold
They float like feathers, reaching for you
‘Til the unknown
Deep in the darkness, out in the blue

Can you hear me?
I am not a ghost after all
As my breath leaves
I am not afraid to burn out
Light up in the cold

Is it what I hope?
Like a sun I know, oh
Light up in the cold
Is it what I hope?
Like a dream I own

Will I be brave
Watching the bedsheets turn into chains
I’ll fly like angels
Hitting the windshields, cursing the rain
Can you hear me?

I have stopped protecting myself
As my breath leaves, I can hear the Liberty Bell
Light up in the cold
Is it what I hope?
Like a sun I know, oh
Light up in the cold
Is it what I hope?
Like a dream I own
Fall in the tunnels
Float into nothing
Shedding my…


Day two

The air is fresh as a morning dew
The birds are singing
The clouds are perfect white
And she is coming in all blue

We are going toward a distance park
She is sad, full of stories of hardship
Full of responsibilities
But she is so beautiful

Are arrive at the park
I talk about my magnolias
Left and right
And how I think I neglected left

We talk and talk
I ask her for perfect triangle
She responds without hesitation
I discover the perfect pattern

The lines and circles are awaiting my touch
It is only us and trees surrounding us
The ray of lights coming through leafs
And birds singing in the distance

She comes forward
I can taste the warmth and honey
We are merging in each other
I do not want to stop

She is now moving upward
Toward the blue sky
Calling my name softly
Breathing faster and faster

Reaching for my pleasure spot
I am now flying towards her
Want to merge with my shiva
Suddenly we come to a stop

She says let’s pause or stop
Let’s go for a walk
We walk in the beautiful garden
Full of trees and bushes

I started to discover the curves
They are so perfect
With a line dividing them
I tell her about my dream

She smiles and say why not
I talk about that one day
I might ask for a dance
She nodes in agreement

I talk about my elaborate plan
How to do a and b and c
She looks at me and say
Just text me and I will come

I feel she will say yes now
but i do not ask
My option B is near by
In excitement I miss restaurant twice
But i do not ask – I want her to want

We talk and talk
We talk about future
Path full of color
And infinite happinesses

I am so happy
She is mine
She is mine
And I love her so much

Day one

She says five, four thirty and four
I am in rush to be there on time
She walks like an angel
With such a beautiful smile

Yellow, orange and black
Covered the beautiful
Creamy color of softness
She seems too far from me

So absorbed in the beauty of the eyes
Covered by the round frame
And counting the leafs on the ring
Missed a big red signed

But now I now it is size six and half
Drove and drove
The usual path to the trees high
Parked in front of same broken tree

Slowly moved toward the heat
The softness of the path to apex
Is like the calm lake with no wave
But once it has been reached it is incredible

Talked about 15, 30 and 60 degree
And agreed that the optimum is 60
We are talking and talking
The sun is moving downward

I move behind the tight curtain
Now I realized the cause of my
Sensational memory relapse last time
But this time I can touch the source

I recall a beautiful table cover
With small white circular pattern
I used to touch the smoothness of the table
By moving my finger in circular motion

I can go lower and reach the source of heat
Curtain upon curtain
I can imagine the red color
I can sense her pleasure

We have stopped talking
Just me and her and the sun
And she is moving toward sky
I can sense that she wants to fly

I am constrained by the maximum
Of the elasticity of fabric
But have reached the circle of desire
Like shiva she is dancing

After few minutes
Hard breading
She calms down
The the gate to heaven is closed