Love You (revised again and again)

Sorry my love
Missed you not once
But twice
No that I have calm down
Work is engaged me so much
That I forget time
But not you

A long day
Went to work 11 to 4
Followed the diet
Missing you

Will lose 8 lbs in two weeks

Current weight. 94.5kg == 207 lbs
Body mass index now = 31.5

Number of weeks / 2 month == 8
Propose weight = 199 lbs
Body mass index = 30.3

K cal used per lbs. = 11
K cal needed = 11 * 207 == 2286
K call needed per week = 2286 * 7 =16,000
To lose lbs == 3500
So need to eat = 16,000 – 3500 = 12,500
K cal per day = 1780

Motivation — 1 lbs Loss — two beautiful smiles (f2f)

Dreaming of only white
and no cream or blue
Just white
And then the circles
And taste of honey
So nice and warm

Missing you
7 Nice nice nice nice nice nice nice

Thinking about missing
White and blue
White and cream
Blue and blue no white
Just a chair

Going down in pleasure

It is a3 hours drive and I know it well

waiting in a car
Watch her come by
So beautiful
So elegant
Full of smile
Full of joy

We drive around
Talk and talk
How joyful she is
How beautiful

Those beautiful brown eyes

Just missing her
But back in two weeks
Taste of honey
Dancing class on monday

If one can see his love
He should not Waite

Yahya Guru

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