Question one

In old England, there were lords and peasants, lords owned the peasants and their life and livelihoods. Not being slave and master but coexist together, each needing the other.

The lords lived in a castle, or a tower.

When two peasants wanted to get married, after getting permission from the lord, on the night of wedding the husband family will then bring the bride to the lord tower for the first night, so he can introduce her to marriage life.

The lord after first night fall in love with the newly bride. He knows the punishment of not following the rules and keeping the bride is death in an inferno. But he could not accept the separation from her under any condition.

I saw this very old movie years ago – but vividly remembered the conflict of authority and love.

He knew he can let her go and then bring her back as a servant but that meant separation and letting to him have her.

The movie had an amazing impact on me, I really understood the desire of to have the one you love.

That day against my will and logic, I let you go and disappear in a sunny day in the crowd with that beautiful dress instead of keeping you because I promised to you that I will keep your word. Still tears fill my eyes when I remember the moment and try to write about it and my iPhone screen disappears in a mist.

Sorry my love for letting you go, I had no choice to keep you I needed to break your three principles which I could not do.



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